Antoine Cotten


The blog

Social medias are an excellent way to relay information and keep up with the technologies I’m passionate about, unfortunately none of the platforms I use on a daily basis are really made for authoring content. This is what this blog is for, contributing articles about the cool things I do at work and sometimes in my free time, in more than 140 characters.

It’d be impossible for me to give a clear framework to this blog, I’m interested in everything related in one way or another to infrastructure-as-code, continuous delivery and virtualization. Nowadays these subjects are so in vogue that the list of technologies I wish I could experiment with is litterally endless.

The opinions expressed in the content I publish are my own. This blog is entirely open-source and powered by Jekyll. If you like a post and feel like sharing it you can, but are not obliged to, mention my Twitter username @AntoineCotten.

The author

I am a Technical Operations Engineer with a strong focus on building a DevOps culture around platform and release automation. I have had the chance to work in companies of different sizes, in a variety of industries, and to approach a multitude of problems in so many different ways.

I love sharing the knowledge I have and help people understanding the technologies I am fond of, as much as I love hearing other people telling about their experiences in the tech industry. You can sometimes find me on StackExchange helping people answering questions I’ve had to ask myself at some point as well.

I’m originally from Bretagne, arguably the most beautiful part of France, but this didn’t stop me from moving to Munich, Germany, in 2012.

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