Website picture - Quiberon, France

Software developer with a strong background in infrastructure and operations, my focus used to be on building a DevOps culture around platform and release automation. Nowadays, I spend most of my time engineering the software that shapes the technologies which I believe can positively affect our future.

I am particularly fond of unikernels and Linux containers, especially in combination with my platform of expertise: Kubernetes. I work first and foremost in the Go programming language, and have a genuine interest in Rust which I am working towards becoming proficient in.

I have had the chance to join companies of different sizes, in a variety of industries, and to approach a multitude of problems in so many different ways.

I am originally from Bretagne, arguably the most beautiful region of France, but this didn’t stop me from moving to Munich, Germany, in 2012.

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The photo used on this web page is by Héloïse Delbos on Unsplash.