Because good software deserves to be celebrated1, here is a selection of computer programs of all sorts that I use—some by devotion over necessity—and consider to be a true labor of love.


Name Description
jq The programming language for data mangling.
Zim Make Zsh instantly great.
fzf The one filter that takes junk in and spits magic out.
tldr man pages for the impatient.
difftastic Like diff, but structural.
VisiData Microsoft® Excel for anything, in the terminal.


Name Description
Neovim Vim(proved)-improved. The greatest text editor, this time by the people for the people.
Helix Modal text editing re-imagined from the ground up.


Name Description
ko Single-command, zero-dependency deployment of Go programs.
ketall Get all. Really all.
lineage Who said one had to lose their mind working with dependent objects?


Name Description
WezTerm If the name “suckless terminal” wasn’t already taken, this one would’ve deserved it.
WSL2 Linux on the desktop. Turns out “Microsoft ❤ Linux” wasn’t just a marketing stunt.
Lima Disposable Linux virtual machines at my fingertips.
MonoLisa My eyes are too precious for staring at some clunky-looking font all day.


Name Description
Mac Mouse Fix Because macOS comes without mouse support.
BetterDisplay Because macOS comes without support for external displays.
  1. The form and tone of this page was inspired by Reyan Chaudhry’s personal homepage